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Can You Rinse A Cat'S Eye With Saline

It might be a foreign body in her eye or a scratch on her cornea (the clear outer part of her eye). If the saline is sterile, it won't hurt her to have you flush her eye with it. You may even flush out what is irritating her eye and more lubrication should make her eye more comfortable, no matter what the problem is. Wipe around your cat's affected eye with a gauze pad soaked in saline solution. Remove any discharge or debris near the eye and off eyelashes if the eyelids are stuck together.

Step 2 Insert a syringe into the saline solution and draw up. 1 answer Answered by Ana M, DVM Veterinarian Thank you for submitting your question regarding Sweetie. I recommend using a simple saline ophthalmic rinse. This can be bought over-the-counter for humans at any grocery or drug store. For example, Bausch and Lomb makes a saline eye rinse. Make sure that it is saline with no other ingredients.

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